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"The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity." Leonard Ravenhill

Welcome to ETA

Helping You Build a Business that Enables Your Lifestyle Instead of Taking Over Your Life

As a business owner, you have a LOT going on — Marketing, Sales, Operations, HR, and more. I'm collecting the experts you need to help guide you and accelerate your way through to the results you need.

You Have Lots of Ideas...

... but you've discovered that learning something and doing something are very different skillsets.

We want to help.


No group fluff here. You get a coach working with you one-on-one to set goals and then check in with you throughout the week to make sure you hit them.


Coaches are a multi-tool that's why we give you laser-focused guidance from experts in a wide variety of disciplines to guide and advise you.

Expert Accelerators

All our experts offer accelerators to help you take action on the things you're learning and get the help you need when group learning isn't good enough.

Not Sure... Have Questions... Just Ask!

You could sit there and keep reading our awesome site, trying to find answers, or you can push the button and ask your question...

ETA Membership Plans


You get everything! There are no levels — you are either a member, or you're not. Members get everything that we offer because our goal is to keep it simple. We don't want you hitting paywalls and being held back from moving forward.

  • Your first 14 days are free. No risk, no refunds to worry about. Kick our tires and try us out.
  • No contracts. If you don't like it or no longer need us, cancel any time.

$ 47 / Month

Membership + Coaching

You get everything included in the membership plus a dedicated accountability coach that will...

  • Work with you weekly to set goals
  • Check in with you throughout the week to make sure you meet the goals you set for yourself
  • Guide you to experts and resources that can help you bust down roadblocks

$ 997 / Month


If you join now, you will be grandfathered into this low launch-special price. We will NEVER let people into this program at this rate again.


About the Creator of ETA


Christina Hooper, the Get S*** Done Queen

She's been doing this business thing for over 15 years and while she'll never admit it, she's kind of become a badass at knocking down roadblocks and making things happen. She is a knowledge sponge that also knows how to put that knowledge into practice better than anyone you've ever met.

She launched ETA because everyone said she should.

They were all following various online gurus and trying to implement the programs those experts were teaching, but for one reason or another they kept getting stuck.

The knowledge bombs from the gurus was good stuff. But their investment in that knowledge was worthless if they spent months painstakingly trying to figure out how to build it.

That's where ETA comes in. If you have things you want to do and lack the accountability or knowledge to get them done, you should sign up — it's really that simple of a decision.

"I love the things Ryan Deiss, Donald Miller, Pedro Adao, Rachel Miller, and all the gurus of marketing teach. You'll find me at a LOT of their events soaking it up. But I hated watching how hard some people struggle to implement that one thing that could transform their business. That's what ETA is here to solve."
- Christina Hooper

It's Time to Get S*** Done!

If you're a badass entrepreneur that's not afraid of tackling new things head on, but you need someone to help you keep the promises you make to yourself and you need access to experts that can help get it done...