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May 24 - 26th from 12 to 1 pm ET




ETA Expert William Mapp is going to show you...

How Affiliate Marketing Works

You'll learn the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing. This foundational knowledge will help you get started on the right foot with your affiliate strategy.

How to Find Good Opportunties

You have so many affiliate options to chose from nowadays, that's why William is going to show you how to choose the best options for you.

How to Generate Revenue

Just having affiliate links isn't enough. That's why you're going to learn how to actually drive clicks and generate revenue with your links.

"I Understand How it Works!"

I've always sort of understood how affiliate marketing can generate revenue, but now I finally have a plan for how to do it the right way.

"Awesome Opportunities"

There were so many options out there for earning affiliate income. I finally have an idea which ones will work for me so I can get started! 

"I Can Earn Money Finally!"

I dabbled with affiliate marketing, but I never really got any sales that amounted to anything. Now I'm confident I have a strategy I can use! 

What you’ll learn in this FREE challenge:

William is going to show you everything you need to know to start strong with affiliate marketing and generate revenue.

May 24th: What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does it Work

William is going to show you what affiliate marketing is and show you exactly how it works.

May 25th: How to Find Viable Affiliate Options

There are a lot of options out there to earn affiliate income. William is going to show you how to find the best ones for you.

May 26th: How to Get Affiliate Sales

Finally, William is going to show you all the various ways you can promote your affiliate offers to earn income.


Why Is This Free?

It's really simple... Karma, Positivity, Paying it Forward... whatever your belief system, I believe that good things happen when you put good out into the world. I got where I am today because other people took the time to patiently answer my questions, to help me overcome obstacles, and encourage me when I felt down.

Now I have the ability to repay their kindness and pass it on — so I do.

Will There Be Recordings?

Yes. They will be posted in the Facebook Group at the end of each day and you'll be sent a link via email. BUT - I highly encourage you to attend live so you can ask questions and get answers.

Can I Ask Questions?

Of course. We will be doing a Q&A session at the end of each daily training and you have access to this expert and other people in the challenge with you in the Facebook Group.

Who Should Join?

If you're considering adding affiliate marketing to create a new revenue stream, then you definitely don't want to miss this challenge.

About Your Expert

William Mapp

Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing Expert

William started his foray into affiliate marketing while he was still working a normal day job. He learned it all the hard way, and now he's sharing his knowledge with you in this challenge.

He is going to help you create a reliable source of affiliate revenue that will give you the ability to achieve financial freedom.

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