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This isn't a Shiny New Tactic

This is the part that you can't afford to get wrong if you want to run any marketing or sales tactic successfully. Learn how to build KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST with your audience by creating the right content on the right platforms.

Help Them KNOW You

They have questions, you have answers. It's really that simple and I'm going to show you how to do it correctly.

Help Them LIKE You

You can't keep your superpowers and personality on a shelf. You need to be authentic and attract people you like that will like you.

Help Them TRUST You

You must build trust if you want someone to take action. That's why I'm going to show you how to be an expert in your space.

What They Say...

"Interactive and Engaging!"

Christina took a complicated topic and made it entertaining, engaging, and very interactive. I would attend any event she's speaking at any time. I learned a LOT.

"Love Love this Speaker"

Christina answered every question I had and explained social media marketing in a way that was so easy to understand. I love, love this speaker.

"10 out of 10!!!"

I learned so much at this training. I would recommend Christina 10 out 10 for any event. Her speaking style is so fun and engaging!

"Enjoyed it Greatly!"

I felt so behind on my content strategy, but then I saw Christina speak and it was amazing. I enjoyed it greatly and learned so much!!

What you’ll learn in this FREE workshop:

This is NOT a knowledge dump.
You will be building your content plan during this workshop —

I will be showing you the exact method I use in my own content production agency and my own companies to plan a year's worth of content in just 3 hours. 

Introduction to Christina's Resource Cluster Method

This powerful methodology allows you to VERY quickly plan out dozens of highly relevant topics in less than an hour.

Map Out Your Topics

I'll show you how to start with your areas of expertise and then expand out into 52+ highly relevant topics that will attract visitors to your site and position you as an authority in your space.

Every Piece of Content is Part of a Lead-Generating Funnel

Good content becomes great when you learn my secrets to easily publish content on a wide variety of platforms and use your content to draw in visitors and convert them into leads.

"This was the simplest thing I've ever seen!"

I've been writing blog articles for YEARS and never really getting much traction with them. Christina helped me learn in a few hours what I wasn't able to learn in years of writing content.

"I got more leads and customers with this!"

Once I started doing this strategy that Christina teaches, I started seeing my traffic climb within a few weeks and I had the RIGHT people engaging with my content and converting into leads for the first time!

"This was a game-changer for me!"

I always struggled to figure out what to write about. I ended up putting it off because I wasn't sure what to say. I had NEVER thought about approaching it the way she showed me... this is a game-changer!


Why Is This Free?

It's really simple... Karma, Positivity, Paying it Forward... whatever your belief system, I believe that good things happen when you put good out into the world. I got where I am today because other people took the time to patiently answer my questions, to help me overcome obstacles, and encourage me when I felt down.

Now I have the ability to repay their kindness and pass it on — so I do.

Will There Be Recordings?

Yes of course! BUT - I highly encourage you to attend live so you can ask questions and get answers.

Can I Ask Questions?

Of course! Christina loves it when you ask questions -- her goal is for you to be able to action on the things she's teaching.

Who Should Join?

If you sell brain power or expertise to your clients, this challenge will be a great fit for you. This includes service providers, course creators, challenge leaders, consultants, coaches, etc.

About Your Expert

Christina Hooper

Content Marketer, Agency Owner, Multipreneur

She spent literal years studying from the best of the best in the content marketing world — HubSpot, Justin Champion, Viola Eva, Ryan Deiss, Donald Miller, Ann Hadley, Shane Melaugh, etc.

She was determined to find a sustainable way to produce massive amounts of content with minimal effort WITHOUT sacrificing content quality AND boosting search rank and conversions.

You're going to be learning her foolproof method in this 3-hour workshop, so don't miss it!

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You could keep fighting to figure out how to plan out your content, generate leads with it, and rank better on search engines — but you shouldn't have to when you can find the solution in just 3 hours.

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