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"The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity." Leonard Ravenhill

FREE 3-Day Challenge for Business Owners

Crush it With Video Challenge

The Tech

The Strategy


Tiger is going to show you how to create awesome video scripts and tackle the technical hurdles so you can make awesome videos for your business...

The coolest part about this challenge is that Tiger is not a marketing guru. He's a regular business owner that put in the time to learn the hard way, and he's sharing his secrets.

Creating Your Script

Your video script is the foundation that's going to set the stage for making sure it draws people in and keeps them watching.

Setup Your Tech

Learn exactly what tech you need to shoot a professional video. Tiger will show you how to choose the right options for you.

Editing and Distribution

Editing videos doesn't have to be complicated. Tiger is going to show you how he edits and distributes his videos.

"I can't believe how simple this is!"

I was really struggling with trying to figure out all the tech to start filming high-quality videos. I was afraid of the technical glitches that would make me look bad. Tiger really brings it all together.

"I finally know how to edit videos!"

Editing videos is always a pain. There is so much technology out there and it's hard to decide what to use and then learn how to actually do the edit. Tiger made it so simple.

"It's amazing! I finally know what to say!"

Creating a good script for my video is always my weak point. I start to film and it just sounds like I'm reading my notes and doesn't flow well. Tiger's method is a game-changer for making videos.

What you’ll learn in this FREE challenge:

Tiger is going to show you how to create your script, setup your tech, edit your videos, and then distribute them on your marketing channels.

May 17th: Write a Script that Engages

Tiger is going to show you his tricks to make a video that helps engage your audience and build trust.

May 18th: Plan Your Tech

Tiger will show you what equipment and software you need to produce high-quality videos on a variety of budgets.

May 19th: Edit and Distribute Your Video

On the last day, Tiger is going to share his secrets to edit your videos and distribute them on your marketing channels.


Why Is This Free?

It's really simple... Karma, Positivity, Paying it Forward... whatever your belief system, I believe that good things happen when you put good out into the world. I got where I am today because other people took the time to patiently answer my questions, to help me overcome obstacles, and encourage me when I felt down.

Now I have the ability to repay their kindness and pass it on — so I do.

Will There Be Recordings?

Yes. They will be posted in the Facebook Group at the end of each day and you'll be sent a link via email. BUT - I highly encourage you to attend live so you can ask questions and get answers.

Can I Ask Questions?

Of course. We will be doing a Q&A session at the end of each daily training and you have access to this expert and other people in the challenge with you in the Facebook Group.

Who Should Join?

If you are a solopreneur that's trying to use video correctly -- creating scripts, getting the right equipment, streaming live, etc. Tiger is going to make it all simple.

Can I get Help from Tiger to Review my Video Script?

Of course. In true ETA fashion, this expert comes with an "easy button" to skip the DIY work and just have Tiger do it for you. Here's your easy button...

About Your Expert

Tiger Ford

Owner, The Fix Gym, and Guru of Video Marketing

Tiger's primary business venture (so far) is The Fix Gym. He breaks down fitness and nutrition into tangible ways that busy people can implement to feel better. He's constantly producing videos in his own business and over the years has gotten REALLY GOOD at making it easy to create awesome videos.

Tiger has really put the time into analyzing what makes a great video and he's agreed to share his secrets with our ETA community in our first-ever ETA Expert co-hosted challenge.


for the Challenge

You could keep fighting to figure out how to get started or level up your video marketing — but you shouldn't have to when you can find the solution in just 3 days.