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  • Justin Lopatriello: Learn How to Put eCommerce Sales on Autopilot Using Email Marketing and Lead Gen
  • Michael Harms: Helping Small Businesses Get their Accounting and Financial Planning on Track
  • Stephen Berry: Create Your Marketing Automation Plan for Growth
  • Aleya Harris: StoryBrand + Social Media Activation

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Past Challenges

Here are other challenges that we've already ran - you can access the recordings at any time.

Learn How to Master Your Mindset & Boost Your Business in 3 Days

Bryan introduced you to a simple - yet profound - tool that you can use in 30 minutes or less to open your mind to opportunities for growth, find greater self-awareness, and strike a balance between your business and personal lives.

Learn How to Write a High-Ranking Money-Making Blog Article in 3 Days

Christina Hooper showed you how to write blog articles that are designed to make money, engage your readers, and rank high in search engines.

Learn How to Build a Revenue-Generating Facebook Group in 3 Days

Mike Harvey showed you how to create a Facebook group that can actually generate revenue.

Learn How to Create a New Income Stream with Affiliate Marketing in 3 Days

William showed you everything you need to know to start strong with affiliate marketing and generate revenue.

Learn How to Crush it With Video in Your Business in 3 Days

Tiger Ford showed you how to create awesome video scripts and tackle the technical hurdles so you can make awesome videos for your business.

Plan Your Challenge in 3 Days

Christina Hooper showed you how to solve the most common challenge-related problems, including the tech, strategy, and getting people to sign up.

Plan a Year's Worth of Content in Just 3 Days

Christina Hooper showed you the exact method I use in my own content production agency and my own companies to plan a year's worth of content in just 3 days.

It's Time to Get S*** Done!

If you're a badass entrepreneur that's not afraid of tackling new things head on, but you need someone to help you keep the promises you make to yourself and you need access to experts that can help get it done...