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Jun 7 - Jun 9th from 1 to 2 pm ET

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Are you trying to start writing blog articles, rank higher in search, and generate leads from your articles?


You don't know where to start, how to write for search rank without being spammy, and how to make money with blogs.

YOUR Expert

Christina writes hundreds of blogs each month, and she's going to teach her exactly formula to produce awesome articles.

YOUR Future

Her goal for you is that you are able to write articles that perform without spending hours and hours on each one.

"I love how simple this is!"

I've always struggled with writing blog articles and understanding search engines... but with this method, it just seems so much easier to do.

"I have a plan for making money!"

Blogging always seemed like something that was so hard to do and so hard to turn into money. I didn't understand how powerful they were until now!

"I know how to engage my tribe!"

I finally know how to make sure my readers to enjoy my articles. I know if they read them and learn something, they'll be more likely to buy later.

Our ETA Expert, Christina Hooper, is going to show you...

How to Write Blogs that Rank High

You need to understand what really goes into ranking high in search engines and how to get your blog articles found.

How to Write Blogs that Readers Love

Your readers need to find value in the content that you're writing if you want them to engage and take action.

How to Write Blogs that Make Money

You're not just writing blog articles for fun, you need to use them to create leads and generate revenue for your business.

 >> This challenge is perfect for businesses that sell services, products, or do affiliate marketing <<

search rank

high value

converts leads

What you’ll learn in this FREE 3-Day challenge:

Christina Hooper is going to show you how to write blog articles that are designed to make money, engage your readers, and rank high in search engines.

June 7th: The Big Picture of High-Performing Blogs

We're not just blogging to have fun. A business blog has a serious job to do and Christina is going to show you exactly how to make sure it's working for you.

June 8th: The Framework for a Successful Blog Article

Christina is going to show you the exact format that her Content Ninjas use to write engaging articles that get results. From intro to call-to-action and everything in between.

June 9th: How to Turn Blogs into Money

Finally, Christina is going to show you how to turn your blog articles into revenue for your business — this works for services, products, or affiliate marketing.


Why Is This Free?

It's really simple... Karma, Positivity, Paying it Forward... whatever your belief system, I believe that good things happen when you put good out into the world. I got where I am today because other people took the time to patiently answer my questions, to help me overcome obstacles, and encourage me when I felt down.

Now I have the ability to repay their kindness and pass it on — so I do.

Will There Be Recordings?

Yes. They will be posted in the Facebook Group at the end of each day and you'll be sent a link via email. BUT - I highly encourage you to attend live so you can ask questions and get answers.

Can I Ask Questions?

Of course. We will be doing a Q&A session at the end of each daily training and you have access to this expert and other people in the challenge with you in the Facebook Group.

Who Should Join?

If you're considering building a community to help you generate revenue, then this challenge will help you with all the foundational elements to get you going strong.

About Your Expert

Christina Hooper

Content Marketer, Agency Owner, Multipreneur

She spent literal years studying from the best of the best in the content marketing world — HubSpot, Justin Champion, Viola Eva, Ryan Deiss, Donald Miller, Ann Hadley, Shane Melaugh, etc.

She was determined to find a sustainable way to produce massive amounts of content with minimal effort WITHOUT sacrificing content quality AND boosting search rank and conversions.

You're going to be learning her foolproof method in this 3-day challenge, so don't miss it!

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You could keep fighting to figure out how to make money with your business blog — but you shouldn't have to when you can find the solution in just 3 days.