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Jun 21 - 23rd from 1 to 2 pm ET

This training is NOT for you if...

You are one of those people that has everything together. You make to-do lists and always complete them. You're organized and methodical. You balance your home and business life perfectly.

If that's not you... keep reading ;)


You are trying to strike a balance between your business life and your personal life for your own success and sanity.


Things rarely turn out the way we hope and plan and sometimes you even get in your OWN way and hold yourself back.

YOUR Expert

Bryan is going to share a simple — yet profound — tool that can help you strike that balance and get clarity on your life.

YOUR Future

His goal for you is that you are able to reveal opportunities to exponentially enhance your quality of life.

"I love how simple this is — it actually seems like something I can do in my business!"

"It's awesome finally having a plan I can follow to grow my business!"

"I'm confident this will get me where I'm trying to go in my business!"

Our ETA Expert, Bryan Clark, is going to show you...

How to Break Free of Procrastination

The procrastination cycle is a rough one — caused by fears of failure, overwhelm, burnout, "imposter syndrome," analysis paralysis, and the fear of rejection.

How to Take the Pressure off Decisions

You have to make a LOT of decisions every day and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Are you making the right ones for you? Do you have enough info to decide?

How to Eliminate Self-Doubt

Most business owners are their own worst critic. Your self-doubt can be one of the biggest things that can prevent you from reaching the level of success you're looking for.

 >> This challenge is perfect for business owners that are struggling to balance their life and business obligations <<




What you’ll learn in this FREE 3-Day challenge:

Bryan will introduce you to a simple - yet profound - tool that you can use in 30 minutes or less to open your mind to opportunities for growth, find greater self-awareness, and strike a balance between your business and personal lives.


Why Is This Free?

It's really simple... Karma, Positivity, Paying it Forward... whatever your belief system, I believe that good things happen when you put good out into the world. I got where I am today because other people took the time to patiently answer my questions, to help me overcome obstacles, and encourage me when I felt down.

Now I have the ability to repay their kindness and pass it on — so I do.

Will There Be Recordings?

Yes. They will be posted in the Facebook Group at the end of each day and you'll be sent a link via email. BUT - I highly encourage you to attend live so you can ask questions and get answers.

Can I Ask Questions?

Of course. We will be doing a Q&A session at the end of each daily training and you have access to this expert and other people in the challenge with you in the Facebook Group.

About Your Expert

Bryan Clark

Mental Wellness Expert for Business Owners

As a business owner myself, I full understand how much we have on our plate each day. We face new challenges daily in our business lives and have full personal lives to contend with too.

I want to help you learn how to get out of your own way and let yourself embrace growth, achieve greater self-awareness, and live a joyful life.

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