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Most of us are working hard to build a life for ourselves and one of the fastest ways to do that is learn from those that are a few steps ahead of us. This show is all about finding those people and picking their brains to get the details.

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In this episode, Christina interviewed EJ Saunders. He grew his agency to the point that I know many businesses look forward to

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003 — EJ Hired His First Account Manager and Successfully Shifted Client Accounts to Them

In this episode, Christina interviewed Chris Thompson. He ran his very first 5-day challenge and generated over $140,000 in revenue with over

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002 — Chris Generated Over $140,000 on His FIRST 5-Day Challenge

In this episode, Christina interviewed Mike Harvey. He owns four different businesses and was able to take 6 months to travel to

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001 — Mike Took A 6-Month Vacation While His Businesses Grew

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Chris Thompson

He launched his first challenge and signed up over 3,000 people and generated over $140,000 in revenue.

EJ Saunders

He scaled up his agency and added a new account manager to his team that he could trust to manage several accounts.

Edward Van Der Kleijn

He built a global reseller network in 9 different countries from his bedroom.

Leslie Hassler

She learned to manage her cash flow and profits in her business and was able to pay for a year of expenses in advance.

Tunji Olujimi

He was able to write and publish 4 books even though he has dyslexia and now he helps others write their books too.

Paula Jean Ferri

She realized early how powerful publishing books can be to growing a business and gaining authority.

Garrett D'Entremont

He is the Program Manager for the Digital Marketer Elite Coaching Program and he helped build it from the ground up.

Noel Andrews

He 5x’d his revenue by pivoting his business from “money while you sleep” into a service-based business that helps other businesses scale through hiring great people.

Joe Sulima

He left his job at a Fortune 500 company to pursue starting his own consulting business focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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